The use of PerMaT-RP for performance management of projects provides, among others, the following added values:

  • A substantial reduction in management time due to

    • automatic planning of the performance to be justified in different projects, maintaining the compatibility with all the activities present in the researcher's schedule and in accordance to their working weeks.
    • replanning whenever the researcher's schedule changes incompatibly with what was previously planned.
    • dynamic availability of justification documents on the participant's performance.
  • High reliability about the compliance of the performance according to what was officially approved, based in

    • the quality assurance of stored data by means of a strict validation and verification of entered data.
    • the availability of all historical data and, particularly, of the submitted justifications.
    • a business intelligence module allowing the analysis of both the performance and the management, thus making possible to improve the management processes.
    • obtaining and monitoring the personnel costs charged to projects, broken down by workpackages.
  • Excellent reliability in service by means of

    • an incident and problem management service based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).
    • 7x24x365 availability, only an Internet connection is required.
    • the security system implemented.
    • the possibility of keeping the data, or updated backups, in a server located at the customer headquarter.