Who we are


Infozara is a company founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the University of Zaragoza by the Noesis Group, a Consolidated Group for Applied Research in Computer Science and Applied Computing directed by Professor Eladio Domínguez.

Infozara has an extensive experience conducting R&D projects and providing services with high added value derived from the industrial research developed in these projects.

A constant feature in all projects conducted by Infozara is the development, in each one of them, of products in precompetitive status as well as the design of a particular methodology for the industrial construction of software as an integral part of the services provided.

Since 2007, Infozara:

  • Has participated in various industrial research and development projects.
  • Has been the technological leader of the consortium that developed the SMOTY project (INNPACTO); within this project, its main research was to build a robotic consciousness for IoT (Internet of Things) objects aimed finally at the construction of autonomous systems with a emergent intelligence.
  • Has developed products and industrial components in precompetitive state within the quoted projects or as a subsequent development under market demand.
  • Has built and is building services in the Cloud and in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).
  • It has a client base to which is offering value added services.

All products and developments have been made to be exploited through the Web, in the form of what is now called SaaS services (Software as a Service).

Main customers

Since its inception, Infozara's main customers, mostly present customers, are: the University of Zaragoza, the Pompeu Fabra University, the Institute of Photonic Sciences, the Institute of Health Sciences of Aragón, the Advanced Music Conservatory of Aragón, the Institute of Materials Science of Aragón, the Institute of Homogeneous Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis, the Center for Chemical and Material Research of Aragón, the Spanish Society of Arteriosclerosis, the University Center for the Defense...

R&D Projects

You can get more information on the R&D projects conducted by Infozara in the Project section of Infozara's website  .

Products currently offered

You can get more information on the products currently offered by Infozara in the Products section of Infozara's website  .