PerMaT-RP is a web platform for

the performance management in projects

that allows you to

control the amount of hours worked in the development of a project and generate the justifications on the compliance of personnel time required by the funder.


Main features

  • Automatic planning of the performance time of the participants in projects, considering the work on other projects, other productive activities, absences and public holidays.
  • Daily recording of the performance of the researchers by introducing the hours actually worked in each project they participate.
  • Control and monitoring in real-time of projects by justification period, and their justification by monthly timesheets, in compliance with current regulations (Seventh Framework Programme -FP7-, Horizon 2020 -H2020-...).
  • Control and monitoring of the personnel costs charged to the project according to the performance recordings.

Other features

To support these features, PerMaT-RP also includes tools for:

  • Management of project information. Management by justification period and workpackages according to their type of activity -RTD, Demonstration, Management, Other...-.
  • Personnel management. PerMaT-RP requires as input a minimal set of employment data: contract dates, working week, professional category, cost per effective hour.
  • Comprehensive management of other activities of the researchers by means of a personal work schedule: other productive activities -teaching, management, participation in workshops, conferences...- and absences -sick leave, annual leave...-.
  • Work calendar management. Customization of the work calendar in each work centre.
  • File storage (including the generated timesheets) in a secure repository.
  • Management and customization of the tool: functional parameters and auxiliary data -funders (such as, for example, the European Commission), funding programmes and timesheet formats (Seventh Framework Programme -FP7-, Horizon 2020 -H2020-, customised)...
  • User management. Various roles to meet the requirements of any entity.
  • Interoperability with the customer's corporate databases relating to project and personnel information.